English Poems

Add as an ornament me,
I often be ashamed that.

Yours levities are
About me only
Bear a burden you
Don’t know my deep affection.

At your shadow war
Use as weapon me,
And my nearness
Make as precaution you.
In the flow of season
Me and you
Twist in two way.
You as in
And I also out.
Thus we are
Become goddess and slave.

I am deduct my life
Wear out olden memories
In this stepping stone.
And you; brooding
In golden veil of dreams
No blossom at anytime
On your dreams
Don’t get my thoughts
And journey words.

At the village ways
In soften silence
Small ants getting
For worship
They are coming
With a row
And roosting
My wet chest
I like it
They wish
Friendship with me

Am I become whose saviour?
Answer of this question is
Now my research topic
In this evening
Remove you my friendship.
When you re wear it?
Until then,
In freezes dew
Like cursed stone
Me alone
========== C N Kumar.

Oh earth, in burning of sunlight 
When see from street childhood,
Flowered smooth sound of smile?

Oh child, who mud finger put in mouth
Run and hide in this mid street 
This for yours noted memorable day 
And suggesting day of eats mind sweets.

Ridded, very fast and strength of world 
And bitten screams are drown that chariot sound 
All doors are closing for that sound not fall in ears 
Shutter down of eyes for not seeing of street views.

Update our evening status 
And wishes of the universal childhoods 
Discuss with like and comment 
During early morning 
When sung the song of obsequies 
For orphan childhood  
Open slowly your left eye 
And see down in 6th floor 
A colony behind your flat,
Under a plastic sheet roofed hut 
How many children sleep with tiered 
And not filled food even half stomach
And disturbed, turned and turned 

What! Are you close your window?
Are you disturbed in that mid night views?  
Calm sleep your babe on form mattress 
Look up and had deep breath from you.

Oh earth, in burning of sunlight 
When see from street childhood,
Flowered   smooth sound of smile?

Discussion will improved on visual media 
And the words are take sides  
Colony rabbles, future quotation militants, 
Pimps, prostitutes, 
Award them various statuses
And put up more rehabilitation charts.
Years of years entered in rule machine 
Not getting salvation that scheme
They are secure sleep in urns 
And souls of promises are spread in surrounds
Oh babe, all are in workshop 
For making of yours dream land 
And you, fall in mud pit of path side 
Like a Skelton, like a fermenting worm
To seek food in dung pit with dogs 
Still day and night competition pursues.
All dreams are reflect in deep eyes
Like fade out pictures 
To sow, which letters seed?
And hence which tongue’s songs 
To contribute,
And fill millions of stars flowering 
Oh my child, in your eyes.

Oh earth, in burning of sunlight 
When see from street childhood,
Flowered smooth sound of smile?
=======================C N Kumar.

Sights disable me by birth
Father as witness to.
Mother to teach A to Z every time
And trying well correcting my sight.
To leave school, after full fill lessons
To change my disable sight, why?
For my sight, present friends and other people,
Of book tonic, medicine plants,
Traditional treatments
And more other onetime roots,
But nothing change my sight, 
At last the order coming, 
Wear specs.

To run at 1st street
Saw, wore whole shop in saffron coluor,
In glass chamber, stick saffron bindi in all doll's forehead
And saffron specs covered their eyes.
Add verse  displayed - buy specs
Get rusted lance free absolutely.

To reached eyes on 2nd street
The shop 'n' carpets are green,
All dolls had beard and turban
In theplank advertising - buy specs
Get sword 'n' a bottle perfume free.

In the 3rd street endered my face
Whole room yellow, front dolls, specs,
Everywhere yellow, display text be yellow,
If buy specs, wonderful wine free.

To the 4th street, move my foot 
Whole floor blue like the sea,
At shop, dolls, specs, all are blue
Gospel on display board
Seat on heaven be reserve free, buy specs.

Much crouded in 5th street
From enterence and street , to shop are red
Dolls are spectrum of victims, specs are red 
slogan of display plank,
Sharpen wooden spear free,
Under puchased all specs.
And stret boys call worst,
Throw balls of guilty verse,
And much caper plays
At back, a crying noises
That 2nd street, ask a boy brokenly

Passed away whole street,
In which specs for my sight?
And which colour for specs?

I too distruct and move my leg to 6th street,
From door to everywhere crystal,
And the floor pellucid, on the street no crowd
At the shop no doll and display plank.
When wear crystal specs,to see my own me?
To know my friend, colour of appetite,
Depth of love, greatness of hope in eyes.

I pray, with pulsated heart, 
And wait for specs on the 6th street.

==============================C N Kumar.

Hidden trap
Street magician called everyone
Come, come see my tricks.
His son plays an old dram
But not rhythmic, like their life.
The magician had few snakes,
In his bamboo vessel.
And his aim hides in tricks
In the road, people don’t mind it.
Magician loudly call again and again
Come and see lot of tricks.
Some people attend his verse
And they are waiting for magic.
He played some old tricks,
At lag end he displays few anklets.
And sell with slick offer.
Wear it for good future and get fortune
He trade on the people in second.
We are the victim of street magicians,
They vend us very tactically.
Someone told us adagio,
Present world fast and terrible.

Truths are still alive
So, tell you all crows are white
They serve me without any profit.
But, you love for my money
And property also.
Still mother wait me,
Lighten her eyeslantern.
Daydreams get off me
When, become mad mind
Train going far away
Colours fade out to blind,
Be imagine glorious blossom
But evening star reaches out
Behind black clouds.
There ended my vision.
Here are told you touring birds
Return their nest very soon.


In my Heart, an ache
And  my thoughts are bite me.
Why? Am Ia skylark?
For me, she sung a ballad
And blaze fired her eyes.
Wounded heart, to be feared
the moon melts like dew,
This gloomy day knock well
Am going, from the dirty house.
Who get off me this shippen?
In the cage, my madly brother
Soundly roar his rusted chain.
In the kitchen, mother cook poorness
With lots of tear and fear.


In the courtyard, I am getting
I have hungry, ask my mind
She gave a book, covered with red wrapper,
when surround was much darkened,
after the dinner, wake up on morning.

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